Boosting Nutrition for Elderlies

Many of our senior loved ones often face challenges with nutrition due to a reduced appetite that often accompanies ageing. As they begin to lead more sedentary lives, their taste sensitivity takes a dip, making it more difficult for their bodies to trigger the urge to eat. Nevertheless, ensuring that they continue to consume nutritious meals, meet calorie needs, and maintain a healthy weight remains crucial for their well-being. As a provider of elderly home care services in Singapore, iKare has compiled several strategies to help you effectively stimulate your family member’s appetite for stronger and healthier bodies. Read on to discover more. 

Choose liquid food

Daughter feeding elderly mother

Is your senior loved one struggling with chewing or swallowing? Turning to liquid-based nourishment can be a significant game-changer. Options like smoothies, soups, and protein shakes offer a convenient and easily consumable alternative to solid foods, encouraging more food intake. Beyond mere convenience, these choices serve as a robust source of essential nutrients, boosting immunity while keeping hydration in check – a critical aspect of holistic well-being. 

Introduce more protein-dense food

Senior couple eating healthy breakfast meal on dining table with the assist of nurse

Our muscle mass tends to shrink as we age, making us more prone to frailty and injuries. That makes it all the more important for seniors to load up on protein-packed foods like lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, legumes, and nuts to maintain strong muscles and an active lifestyle. If these items are too tough for your elderly family members to manage, you can turn to options such as tofu or protein supplements to help them obtain vital nourishment.

Additionally, caregiver services can assist you in meal planning and incorporating these essential dietary elements into your loved ones’ daily routines. By working in tandem with these professionals, you’re giving seniors access to personalised dietary plans tailored not only to meet their nutritional needs but also to ensure that meals are manageable and stress-free. It’s like lending a helping hand to guide them through obstacles linked to food consumption, boosting their well-being with empathy.

Suggest small, frequent meals

The transition to smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day is a compassionate choice for our elderly loved ones. This thoughtful approach alleviates the burden associated with consuming larger portions, without compromising their day-to-day nutrient intake. Moreover, smaller servings make the digestion journey smoother, eliminating discomfort commonly linked to heavy meals. Breaking down daily nourishment into multiple meals also stabilises blood sugar levels, providing a consistent and lasting energy boost that’s crucial for staying sharp and healthy.

Encourage physical activity

Disabled Elderly Man Doing Physiotherapist with Support from Therapist

Incorporating regular exercise routines not only enhances physical strength but also aids in elevating mood and improving cognitive functions. Even simple activities like walking, gentle yoga, or seated exercises tailored to your loved one’s abilities can work wonders. This is where homecare providers who have undergone caregiver training step in to serve as invaluable support. They personalise exercise plans and cultivate a supportive environment to motivate seniors to engage in physical activities, fostering a time of enjoyment. Increased physical activity will not only strengthen overall well-being, but also stimulate appetites, complementing efforts to improve nutritional intake.

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With the right knowledge to support the nutritional needs of our elderly, you’ll be able to nurture their bodies and uplift their spirits to boost their quality of life. At iKare, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive care solutions for seniors, including nutritional support and meal planning. Contact us now to learn more about our tailored services and start a journey towards improved health and well-being for your elderly family members.