iKare: Redefining Home Care with Expertise, Compassion, and Innovation


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the demand for personalised, compassionate, and professional home care services in Singapore has soared. iKare, a leading provider of home care services, has emerged as a beacon of excellence, redefining care for the elderly, individuals needing specialised care, and those battling health challenges. This article looks into the array […]

Respite Care: Taking Breaks and Seeking Support for Caregivers

A Caregiver Nurse Support Old Disabled Woman

Taking care of a loved one is a meaningful way to show your love for them and symbolises compassion and dedication. However, it also comes with challenges, and the weight of caregiving can sometimes leave caregivers feeling exhausted, isolated, and stressed. iKare, a provider of homecare in Singapore, understands these concerns. In this article, we […]

Choosing the Right Care Option: Home Care vs. Assisted Living

Caregiver Talking With Senior Asian Woman

Caring for ageing loved ones entails navigating significant decisions that require careful consideration of various factors. One of the primary choices families face is whether to opt for home care services or assisted living. However, with each solution presenting its own set of characteristics, choosing one to commit to can understandably feel overwhelming. In this […]

Enhancing Communication in Caregiver-Parent Relationships

Woman Walking and Embracing Elderly Woman

Caring for your elderly parents is more than just meeting their practical needs but also about effective communication to help them feel reassured and taken care of. However, this vital aspect can often be overlooked, leading to misunderstandings and unmet needs. That’s why iKare, a provider of home care services in Singapore, has put together […]

The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers: Tips and Strategies

Depressed Woman Sitting on the Floor

Being a caregiver to a loved one is a noble act driven by love and dedication. However, amidst the responsibilities of tending to the needs of others, caregivers often neglect their own well-being. For this reason, it’s crucial for caregivers to pause and prioritise themselves even as they strive to provide the best possible care. […]

Stimulating Appetite and Boosting Nutrition for Elderlies

Boosting Nutrition for Elderlies

Many of our senior loved ones often face challenges with nutrition due to a reduced appetite that often accompanies ageing. As they begin to lead more sedentary lives, their taste sensitivity takes a dip, making it more difficult for their bodies to trigger the urge to eat. Nevertheless, ensuring that they continue to consume nutritious […]

Emergency Preparedness: How Home Nursing Services Safeguard Seniors

How home nursing services safeguard Seniors

Emergencies can strike at any point, posing risks to seniors who may require specialised care and attention. During these critical moments, home nursing services become invaluable in safeguarding seniors. In this article, we look at how home nursing services play a crucial role in not only providing medical assistance but also in ensuring the overall […]

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has long been instrumental in the recovery of movement and function from injuries, whether from sports, illnesses, or disabilities. Beyond merely alleviating pain, its profound impact lies in promoting recovery and preventing long-term damage, Physiotherapy restores mobility and thus improving the ‘s quality of life. However, the emergence of home physiotherapy has redefined the […]

4 Benefits of Home Care Services for Seniors

4 Benefits of Home Nursing Services for Seniors

As people age, they may experience various health challenges that require frequent monitoring and care. While some seniors may prefer to move into assisted living facilities, many others prefer to age in the comfort of their own homes. In such cases, home care services can prove to be a valuable resource for seniors and their […]