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Respite Care Services in Singapore

Caring for an elderly loved one can be a demanding task, both physically and emotionally. It is therefore essential for caregivers to take periodic breaks and be empowered to care for their well-being as well. Call us for a free consultation to find out why 90% of iKare customers renew their service.

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Are You Looking for Respite Care Services?

Of those who are caregivers, many are experiencing caregiver burnout, a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. That is why iKare’s respite care is so important for seniors and caretakers.

There are short term, temporary care options, otherwise known as respite care options, that you can tap on when you take a break from caregiving, or when you need just that bit of extra assistance from time to time, such as when the helper goes on home leave.

  • Helper Take a Holiday Break
  • Helper Suffering From Illness
  • Emergency Respite Services
  • Unforeseen Circumstances
  • Support Post Hospitalization
  • Prevents Caregiver Burnout

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Companionship
  • Exercise
  • Enjoy the Outdoors
  • Medications Reminder
  • Personal Care

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Types of Respite Care

Short-Term Home Respite Care

Provide support within the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your home. Arrange for a trained professional to assist with daily activities for a few hours to a few days, effortlessly maintaining your loved one’s quality of life.

Emergency Respite Care

Meet the immediate needs of your family during crisis situations. Is your caregiver unwell or do you urgently need the assistance of another caregiver? Find the replacement you need within short notice for a temporary solution during unexpected events.

Benefits of Respite Care

Renew Energy and Well-Being

Respite care offers caregivers a well-deserved opportunity to recharge. Taking a step back reduces caregiver burnout and allows them to continue providing love and support.

Enhance Caregiver Effectiveness

Empower your caregivers by offering a temporary break from the constant demands of providing care. This allows them to return with a fresh perspective and enhanced efficiency.

Prevent Isolation

Introduce new faces to help the seniors at home network and interact with people other than their usual caregiver. Help them break down the walls of isolation and enjoy the company of others.

Meet Evolving Needs

Whether it’s a period of rest for the caregiver or an emergency situation, easily meet your changing needs with the assistance of respite care providers.

Why choose iKare’s Respite Care?

iKare’s work does not end with dispatching care providers. Our work begins with it.

Full-time Care Staff

Ensuring familiarity and consistency for your loved one, every customer will be managed only by our full-time in-house Nurses and Care Aides.

90% Renewal Rate​

A high customer renewal rate is an integral component of our success. Deep understanding of our customer lets us serve and build lasting relationships.

Single Point of Contact

Our dedicated Care Managers act as the single point of contact for all our clients’ needs. They’ll be available for regular quarterly updates and to discuss any additional services required.

Care Reporting

We will provide regular updates and comprehensive quarterly reports to you and your family doctor on your loved one's progress.

Guaranteed Service

We shall deliver the services timely and promptly to meet the needs of your loved one, ensuring a great experience, as evidenced by our high renewal rate.

Simple Pricing

iKare Home Nursing price includes simple and complex nursing procedures with no extra charges for complex nursing procedures

Customized Care Plans

With flexible and customizable home nursing care, iKare gives everyone the opportunity to continue living independently at home.

iKare Dementia Therapy

Holistic dementia therapy in your own home, at your own pace

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How Our Respite Care Works?


Share with us

Call us for a consultation with our advisors anytime. Tell us about your home care needs and share with us your concerns


Review your loved one’s care plan

Your Home Care Manager will help you decide on a holistic care plan that will help your loved ones stay at home in comfort


Begin your home care

Meet your designated home care team, trained by iKare, who will provide professional and compassionate home care to your loved ones

Ensuring familiarity & consistency in care

Timely & Promptly We Will Deliver

Recent Events & Care Guides

A big part of iKare’s mission is keeping you up to date on some of the events happening including useful care guides.


I truly appreciate the support provided by Diana and her team. The quality of the care givers, flexibility in responding to our changing needs and their care and concern for my uncle was first class.


Client's Family


It was my second time engaging i-Kare and both times I were very thankful for their efficiency and professionalism. Both times different requirements and they did not disappoint. The staff were very kind, attentive and patient. They would go beyond their responsibilities and ensure the care provided was of quality. A thank you to Diana and team. Your company will be highly recommended to my circle of friends!

kin kin



iKare has been of great help when I had made a last minute call for assistance for a caregiver to take care of my mum. Sanjay has been very patient and accommodating to my last minute requests. I am thankful for all the help and services that were extended to me and my family.


Client's family

Frequently Asked Questions

Respite care is temporary relief for primary caregivers. It can be provided at home or in a care facility, offering caregivers a break while ensuring the well-being of your loved ones.

Yes, respite care services can be arranged on weekends and holidays to provide caregivers flexibility and support when needed. Do contact us to check our availability.

Yes, respite care is available for caregivers of individuals of all ages, including children and adults with special needs or medical conditions.

Respite care can be both. It can be arranged as a one-time service for specific situations or scheduled regularly to offer caregivers consistent support.