Choosing the Right Care Option: Home Care vs. Assisted Living

Caregiver Talking With Senior Asian Woman

Caring for ageing loved ones entails navigating significant decisions that require careful consideration of various factors. One of the primary choices families face is whether to opt for home care services or assisted living. However, with each solution presenting its own set of characteristics, choosing one to commit to can understandably feel overwhelming. In this […]

Enhancing Communication in Caregiver-Parent Relationships

Woman Walking and Embracing Elderly Woman

Caring for your elderly parents is more than just meeting their practical needs but also about effective communication to help them feel reassured and taken care of. However, this vital aspect can often be overlooked, leading to misunderstandings and unmet needs. That’s why iKare, a provider of home care services in Singapore, has put together […]

Coping with Grief and Loss in Caregiving: Finding Healing and Support

Sad Young Woman

Whether you’re tending to an ageing parent, supporting a spouse facing a chronic illness, or caring for a family member with a disability, navigating the challenges of caregiving might affect our emotions and during the course of caregiving and witnessing our loved ones facing the onset of deterioration, grief may be a natural part of […]

Common Conditions Associated with Dementia

Unhappy Retired Senior Couple

Dementia is a complex condition that affects millions worldwide, causing cognitive decline and impacting various aspects of daily life. While Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps the most well-known form of dementia, there are several other conditions associated with it. iKare, a trusted provider of home care services in Singapore, has put together this list of common […]

Stimulating Appetite and Boosting Nutrition for Elderlies

Boosting Nutrition for Elderlies

Many of our senior loved ones often face challenges with nutrition due to a reduced appetite that often accompanies ageing. As they begin to lead more sedentary lives, their taste sensitivity takes a dip, making it more difficult for their bodies to trigger the urge to eat. Nevertheless, ensuring that they continue to consume nutritious […]

Activities for Seniors: Promoting Engagement, Cognitive Function, and Social Interaction

Senior couple walking together in park

Mental engagement and social connections are all vital elements for graceful ageing and overall well-being. Activities for seniors, such as competing in chess or playing Scrabble with a friend, stimulate the brain and encourage conversations to promote cognitive function, which is key to a fulfilling and vibrant life in their golden years. But what are […]

Wound Care Management in Elderly

Wound Care Management in Elderly

The journey to recovery for our beloved elderly family members is often filled with various challenges. Be it grappling with wounds or illnesses, treatment strategies require not just medical expertise, but also a tender touch and meticulous attention extending beyond the clinical setting. In this article, we share more about caring for your loved one’s […]

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has long been instrumental in the recovery of movement and function from injuries, whether from sports, illnesses, or disabilities. Beyond merely alleviating pain, its profound impact lies in promoting recovery and preventing long-term damage, Physiotherapy restores mobility and thus improving the ‘s quality of life. However, the emergence of home physiotherapy has redefined the […]

Managing Diabetes at Home

Managing diabetes at home

Diabetes management is a daily commitment that extends beyond doctor visits. Lifestyle adjustments, such as customising diets and exercise routines to balance blood sugar, are key elements in successful diabetes management. But what are the other ways that one can effectively maintain control over their diabetes? iKare, a leading provider of home care services in […]

Medication Management for Elderlies

Medication management for elderlies

Medication management is a crucial aspect for the elderly as they often need to take multiple medications to address various health issues as they age. However, managing multiple medications can be complex and challenging, leading to potential risks such as medication errors, adverse reactions, or missed doses. iKare, an established provider of home care services […]