Top 6 Exercise Equipment for Elderly in Singapore

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Getting regular exercise is especially important for older adults, as a lack of physical activity contributes to the loss of strength and stamina that occurs as we age. Exercise in the elderly also reduces the risk of falls and maintain your independence.

It is recommended by HPB's National Physical Activity Guidelines that seniors get 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise, such as brisk walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, such as jogging. The recommendations also include strength-training activities twice a week. 

Health Promotion Board, Singapore

Using exercise equipment for elderly in Singapore available at home or in the neighbourhood can help you meet these recommendations. 

We chose the best workout equipment for older adults by evaluating these aspects:

  • Effectiveness. Whether you’re interested in cardio, strength, or flexibility, we included products that offer an effective workout solution.
  • Low impact. Most of the products support low-impact activities to reduce the strain on your joints.
  • Accessibility. We included exercise equipment suitable for a range of fitness levels and physical abilities, and also simple ideas that don’t involve buying new equipment.
Here are the Top 6 Exercise Equipment for Elderly in Singapore:

Fitness Corners at HDB Estates (Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Elderly in Singapore)

exercise equipment for elderly in singapore

This is the cheapest option that doesn’t take any space either! This lad gives a great rundown on how to use each equipment in the 3-Generation playground. Look out for those with the elderly fitness stations, with equipment which emphasise on aerobic fitness and flexibility. One example of them is the PLAYGROUND block at Redhill that Enabling Village helped plan.


The best thing about this exercise equipment for elderly in Singapore is that everybody already has it at home! If you think it’s not as good as some fancy equipment, a research paper found it was a simple activity to maintain and develop strength for older adults. You can reap the benefits of physical activity by doing either seated or standing exercises with a chair. Seniors living in nursing homes with limited mobility can also perform simple exercises sitting down.

When doing these exercises, use a solid and stable chair that does not have wheels. Ideally, having non-slip pads on the legs will help make it safer as well. Check out this poster from HPB to get some ideas for building up your muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

Indoor or recumbent bikes

Exercise bikes are an excellent way to build lower body strength and raise your heart rate. There are upright and recumbent bikes to choose from. Upright bikes provide a more traditional exercise bike experience, while recumbent bikes help take some of the pressure off your joints which may be more comfortable if you have joint pain or restricted mobility.

Choose a bike that you can adjust the height of and has a large cushioned seat to make your riding experience more comfortable for your back. If you have a small space, a lightweight foldable indoor bike can come in handy. Do remember that our elderly have poor postural stability, hence, heavier and sturdier equipment are preferred.


When it isn’t possible to get outside, treadmills offer a convenient cardio workout. You can choose one without bells and whistles, or a treadmill with a few extra features. Keep in mind that running is considered a cardio workout so speak to your doctor first if you’re increasing it to that speed.

A good treadmill for seniors would include one that has good cushioning to protect your joints, a sturdy construction, different workout program options (e.g. incline, distance, cardio etc), and heart rate monitoring. If you have a small space, choose an automatic foldable treadmill to make your room spacious with just a touch of a button. You can also choose between manual or motorised treadmills up to your personal preference. For most seniors, a motorised treadmill will be easier to use in terms of the intensity of workouts. However, manual treadmills can be more straightforward to start with for those who struggle with technology and pressing buttons.

Stability Ball

Stability or yoga balls are useful to help you stay in shape, improve core strength and posture, reduce back discomfort, or improve balance. Yoga balls with anti-burst technology can handle workouts with up to 600 pounds of weight without the yoga ball bursting. The “burst-proofing” feature means the ball won’t deflate immediately if it bursts due to any reason. Another safety feature to look out for is that the surface is coated with a non-slip glaze. You can also look out for a dual-action pump feature so that it can inflate and deflate quickly for storage by hand.

Resistance Band – Most Compact Exercise Equipment

Super compact and easy to use, this is a great choice for seniors looking for a simple workout to gently build strength. They are inexpensive and portable (even less bulky than a dumbbell!), and perfect for keeping in a smaller space that most Singaporean seniors live in and may not be able to fit an extra bulky equipment in the house. According to a systematic review by the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, elastic resistance training is effective for increasing muscle strength in the elderly. Although they may provide less of a challenge than other types of weights like kettlebells, it’s great for seniors who are starting out and need something easier. Just make sure you are challenging yourself appropriately, and not just taking it easy!

Top Exercise Equipment for Elderly in Singapore – It depends on your needs!

These are some general ideas for exercise equipment for elderly in Singapore. But if you have any medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease, ask your doctor for advice and your physiotherapist to design an exercise regime that is appropriate for you.

Getting active is never too late, but older adults who are sedentary should undergo a thorough medical check-up before starting an exercise program to rule out medical conditions that could prevent them from exercising.

There are a myriad home exercise equipment that are easy to use to help you stay fit and active, and are compact to keep around the house. Whichever you choose, remember to exercise regularly and not to overdo it either. 

Want to learn more on the best exercise equipment for elderly in Singapore? Speak to your doctor or Kare Manager for which ones may suit you best.


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