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Source: Dementia SG

Dementia Singapore, a social service agency, has launched a mobile app called CARA SG App to provide members with personalised support for people with dementia and their caregivers.

This innovative app was released in November 2021. CARA is an acronym for four main functions of support: Community, Assurance, Rewards and Acceptance. The app functions as a digital lifestyle and community platform that provides easy access for people living with dementia and their caregivers to get support they need.

CARA SG App for Dementia: Unique Features

CARA SG app replaces the “Safe Return Card (SRC)” that was initiated by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in 2008. It enables people living with dementia to continue to move freely and independently within a safe community, giving caregivers a greater peace of mind.

Dementia Singapore
Source: Dementia SG

If someone with dementia gets lost or wanders away from their home or family, they can stay safe by showing the app to anyone in the public who finds them. They can scan the unique QR code on the CARA SG app membership card and submit a report to inform the family.

The ‘Safe Return’ feature in the app will then notify all the caregivers assigned to the person that they have been found. Additionally, one can also directly call the caregiver.

The CARA SG app also offers a membership programme for people who sign up, including:

  • Connected care circle: Multiple family members can link their CARA accounts to loved ones with dementia and receive safe return notice and other timely updates.
  • Rewards tailored to your needs: As a CARA member, you can take advantage of benefits along your care journey, including discounts and special privileges from selected partners.
  • Directories and resource portal: Members have access to a curated list of solution providers relevant to their CARA app also integrates with the DementiaHub.SG resource portal. The app can recommend mind-stimulating wellness programs, activities such as brain training, games, music, and dementia-friendly places in Singapore.

What sets CARA SG app apart other dementia membership programmes in the world is the technology to assist in the trouble-free and safe return of a person living with dementia back to their family when things go wrong.

Source: Dementia SG

Who can join and how can I sign up?

Singapore residents who either:

  1. Have dementia or
  2. are carers of someone with dementia

can enjoy full CARA membership free of charge. Members with dementia will receive the physical CARA card and e-card in the app.  Caregivers will only receive the e-card.

Members of the general public are also welcome to join, although access to certain CARA SG app features may be restricted.

Sign up and download the CARA SG app free of charge via the App Store and Google Play Store.

For frequently asked questions, check out this website

To be guided through step-by-step on the sign-up process, check out this video:


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