PGDAS Functional Assessment Form:
A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

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In this article, we will share how you can fill out the PGDAS Functional Assessment Form and how iKare can help with the application process to the Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme (PGDAS). The Functional Assessment Report Form is not only used for PGDAS, but also used to help those with impaired function or disabilities to receive other subsidies from the government.

These schemes include:

What is the Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme?

The scheme’s goal is to provide subsidies to seniors to live active and fulfilling lives in the community. In Singapore, we currently have about 450,000 people in the Pioneer Generation. You are considered a “Pioneer” is defined as if you are a Singaporean born on or before 31 December 1949 and obtained citizenship before 31 December 1986. Of those, 27,000 Pioneers are living with moderate disabilities.

The scheme gives cash payouts of $100/month to assist with Pioneers who have moderate or severe functional disabilities. The definition of “moderate to severe” means needing assistance with at least 3 out of 6 ADLs.

How do you get the PGDAS Functional Assessment Form?

Any medical physician registered in Singapore (in the Singapore Medical Council) can complete the PGDAS Functional Assessment Form. The listing of GP clinics is available on AIC.

How much it costs varies between clinics, do ask your medical provider for more details.

Source: AIC

The criteria you need to meet to receive the PGDAS are:

  • You must be in the Pioneer Generation
  • Live in Singapore
  • You must need permanent assistance with at least 3 out of 6 ADLs.

There is no means testing for PioneerDAS, which means as long as you meet the above criteria, you will be able to receive the payment regardless of your household income.

Do I Need to Complete the Functional Assessment Report for PGDAS?

Yes. But, just be aware that if you’ve already applied for other severe disability schemes e.g. MediSave CareIDAPE/ElderFund, or CareShield Life, you do not need to obtain the FAR. Instead, you need to contact an MOH-accredited severe disability assessor to undergo a disability assessment.

Also, Pioneers who are already receiving payouts from IDAPE/ElderFundElderShieldHome Caregiving Grant or MediSave Care are automatically included in PioneerDAS if you meet the criteria. AIC will contact you separately if you are one of those Pioneers.

For people who are permanently bedridden, they also do not need to fill out the Functional Assessment Report. Only a doctor’s note is required in this case.

How to Apply For PGDAS

Step 1: Your loved one undergoes a disability assessment (Functional Assessment)
Visit a General Practitioner (GP) or your care provider to complete the Functional Assessment Report (FAR). They will provide the form for you, you do not need to print it out.

Walk-ins are accepted, but you can make an appointment to ensure a slot.

Step 2: Apply for PGDAS (online OR hard copy)
AIC strongly encourages people to apply the online route as it’s a shorter waiting time for the approval.

Online – Visit AIC’s eService portal (eFASS) to complete the application form and submit together with the FAR.
Hardcopy – Email or walk in to any AIC link locations to obtain the application form

Members in nursing homes can use the PGDAS payments to subsidise their nursing home bills. Contact the nursing home for assistance with the application. Note that if you’re applying on behalf of someone without the mental capacity to provide consent, please read AIC’s Additional Guidance.

How Do You Know Your PGDAS Functional Assessment Form is correctly filled in?

Source: AIC

What next?

AIC states on their website that it will take up to six weeks to process the online PGDAS application. They will inform you of the outcome via postal mail. If your application is successful, the cash will be deposited in your nominated bank account the following month, and it will be reflected as being from “PGP” in your bank statement.

Are you looking for financial assistance to offset the costs of caregiving? If you’re a member of iKare, we can help with your applications from the comfort of your home. Contact us on WhatsApp or call +65 6568 3930 for a non-obligatory friendly chat to see how we can provide for your needs.

Referenced from: Agency of Integrated Care (AIC), Ministry of Social and Family Development


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