Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care: Practical Approaches for Daily Living

Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a challenging and emotionally taxing experience. However, practical approaches can make daily life more manageable for individuals with dementia and dementia caregivers. In this article, we’ll explore essential aspects of dementia care to enhance overall quality of life. Read on to discover more. Promote independence Those […]

Enhancing Communication in Caregiver-Parent Relationships

Woman Walking and Embracing Elderly Woman

Caring for your elderly parents is more than just meeting their practical needs but also about effective communication to help them feel reassured and taken care of. However, this vital aspect can often be overlooked, leading to misunderstandings and unmet needs. That’s why iKare, a provider of home care services in Singapore, has put together […]

Strategies for Managing Wandering Behaviour in Individuals with Dementia

Strategies for Managing Wandering Behaviour in Individuals with Dementia

Navigating the complexities of caring for individuals with dementia involves addressing a range of behaviours, one of the most challenging ones being wandering. In this article, we aim to explore various effective strategies for managing wandering behaviour in dementia patients, offering insights and practical approaches that honour the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. Keep reading on to learn more.

Practical Tips for Planning an Outing for a Loved One with Dementia

Practical tips for planning an outing for a loved one with dementia

Taking a loved one with dementia on an outing can be a beautiful opportunity to create lasting memories together and encourage active ageing in seniors. However, such excursions require careful planning and consideration to ensure their comfort and safety throughout. iKare, a provider of caregiver services in Singapore has compiled these practical tips to make […]

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety in Caregiving

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety in Caregiving

As Singapore’s population continues to age, an increasing number of individuals are stepping into the role of home caregivers. While dedicating oneself to the care of a loved one is immensely rewarding, it’s crucial to acknowledge the toll it can take on mental and emotional well-being. This article shares crucial strategies aimed at assisting caregivers […]