iKare: Redefining Home Care with Expertise, Compassion, and Innovation


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the demand for personalised, compassionate, and professional home care services in Singapore has soared. iKare, a leading provider of home care services, has emerged as a beacon of excellence, redefining care for the elderly, individuals needing specialised care, and those battling health challenges. This article looks into the array […]

Wound Care Advice for Wound Management in Seniors

Daughter Help Putting the Medical Plaster on Father’s Hand

While our skin undergoes constant regeneration and growth during our youth, this restorative process progressively decreases as we age. Hence, proper wound management plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and comfort of our elderly loved ones, especially when they’re recovering from injuries. This is particularly important as improper management can lead to pain […]

Activities for Seniors: Promoting Engagement, Cognitive Function, and Social Interaction

Senior couple walking together in park

Mental engagement and social connections are all vital elements for graceful ageing and overall well-being. Activities for seniors, such as competing in chess or playing Scrabble with a friend, stimulate the brain and encourage conversations to promote cognitive function, which is key to a fulfilling and vibrant life in their golden years. But what are […]

Managing Post-Stroke Depression with Home Nursing Support

Young Asian Female Caregiver Teach Old Male To Walk

In this article, we’ll delve into the vital role of home nursing support in managing post-stroke depression. Discover how these professional caregivers become pillars of strength, offering personalised support that extends beyond physical healing, aiming to uplift spirits and guide individuals towards a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow. Keep reading to learn and find out more.

How Reminiscence Therapy Helps Individuals Living With Dementia Enjoy Daily Activities

How Reminiscence Therapy Helps Individuals Living With Dementia Enjoy Daily Activities

Reminiscence therapy is an approach that holds the key to unlocking a world of meaningful engagement for those living with dementia, tapping on cherished memories to enhance their daily activities. In this article, we explore the practical benefits of reminiscence therapy, and how it empowers individuals facing dementia to rediscover joy and connection through their past experiences.

Emergency Preparedness: How Home Nursing Services Safeguard Seniors

How home nursing services safeguard Seniors

Emergencies can strike at any point, posing risks to seniors who may require specialised care and attention. During these critical moments, home nursing services become invaluable in safeguarding seniors. In this article, we look at how home nursing services play a crucial role in not only providing medical assistance but also in ensuring the overall […]

Managing Diabetes at Home

Managing diabetes at home

Diabetes management is a daily commitment that extends beyond doctor visits. Lifestyle adjustments, such as customising diets and exercise routines to balance blood sugar, are key elements in successful diabetes management. But what are the other ways that one can effectively maintain control over their diabetes? iKare, a leading provider of home care services in […]

Key Questions to Ask Before Engaging Home Nursing Services

Key Questions to Ask Before Engaging Home Nursing Services

As families explore the option of engaging home nursing services, a multitude of considerations come into play. From the level of medical attention needed to the compatibility of caregivers, this article serves as a guide, presenting the key questions that individuals and families should make sure to ask before embarking on the journey of home nursing services.

3 Reasons to Understand the Differences Between ADLs and IADLs

3 Reasons to Understand the Differences Between ADLs and IADLs F

As we age, we may find ourselves struggling to complete daily tasks that once seemed simple. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) are terms used to describe these tasks. ADLs are basic self-care tasks such as eating, dressing, and bathing. On the other hand, IADLs are more complex tasks […]