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iKare Dementia Therapy

Our Full-time Certified Dementia Therapists offer Consistent Continuity of Care to successfully helped your loved ones to improve Engagement and Gain Confidence.

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Dementia Home Care Program in Singapore

Are You Looking for Dementia Therapy for Your Loved One?

iKare Dementia Therapy provides dementia therapy in the comfort of your home. Contact us to find out more about iKare dementia care.

▫️Memory Loss
▫️Difficulty Speech
▫️Increasing Confusion
▫️Difficulties with Movement
▫️Reduced Concentration
▫️Personality Change
▫️Acting impulsively

▫️Cognition Stimulation
▫️Sensory Stimulation
▫️Reminiscence Therapy
▫️Fine & Gross Motor Therapy
▫️Psychosocial Needs
▫️Managing Assisted Daily Living (ADL)

▫️In Your Own Home
▫️At Your Own Pace
▫️Activities Based On Own Interest
▫️Flexible Timing & Schedule
▫️Meaningful Interaction
▫️One-On-One Individual Attention
▫️Reduce Distractions

Dementia Home Care Program

The most comprehensive dementia home care in Singapore

Dementia affects everyone differently and requires a holistic therapy approach

There are several different types of dementia, two of the most common being Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular dementia. And people living with dementia are divided into early, middle, and late stages. While there is currently no cure available for dementia, there are ways to slow the progression of the disease and improve the quality of life for people with dementia.

iKare Dementia Therapy provides therapeutic stimulation that improves cognitive, sensory, fine motor, and gross motor functions. Our therapy incorporates your loved one’s interests to make the therapy sessions healing, engaging, and enjoyable.

For those with dementia who need nurse care for medical needs or wellness monitoring, iKare has a team of in-house registered nurses who can accommodate a vast range of nursing procedures. Elderly dementia can make activities of daily living (ADL) challenging. iKare Kare Aides can provide proper senior care and encourage the independence of the elderly by assisting in basic activities re called basic activities like eating, dressing, walking, showering, and toileting. The need and cost of dementia care in Singapore are rising. Contact iKare, and find relief.
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Hours of Care Delivered

Why choose iKare

iKare’s work does not end with dispatching care providers. Our work begins with it.

Full-time Care Staff

Ensuring familiarity and consistency for your loved one, every customer will be managed only by our full-time in-house Nurses and Caregivers.

90% Retention Rate​

A high customer retention rate is an integral component of our success. Deep understanding of our customer lets us serve and build lasting relationships.

Single Point of Contact

Our dedicated Care Managers act as the single point of contact for all our clients’ needs. They’ll be available for regular quarterly updates and to discuss any additional services required.

Care Reporting

We will provide regular updates and comprehensive quarterly reports to you and your family doctor on your loved one's progress.

Guaranteed Service

We shall deliver the services timely and promptly to meet the needs of your loved one, ensuring a great experience, as evidenced by our high retention rate.

Simple Pricing

iKare Home Nursing price includes simple and complex nursing procedures with no extra charges for complex nursing procedures

Customized Care Plans

With flexible and customizable home nursing care, iKare gives everyone the opportunity to continue living independently at home.

iKare Dementia Therapy

Holistic dementia therapy in your own home, at your own pace

3 simple steps

How it works


Share with us

Call us for a consultation with our advisors anytime. Tell us about your home care needs and share with us your concerns


Review your loved one’s care plan

Your Home Care Manager will help you decide on a holistic care plan that will help your loved ones stay at home in comfort


Begin your home care

Meet your designated home care team, trained by iKare, who will provide professional and compassionate home care to your loved ones


iKare Dementia Therapy Packages

  • 60 minutes per session
  • Monthly therapy assessment by Therapy Supervisor (registered nurses) 
  • Flexible timing and schedule
Ensuring familiarity & consistency in care

Timely & Promptly We Will Deliver

Recent Events & Care Guides

A big part of iKare’s mission is keeping you up to date on some of the events happening including useful care guides. 

Appreciated by our customers



My dad has dementia. Was well taken care by the professional IKARE team. They are meticulous and have good on the job knowledge in handling him. Thank you IKARE team.


D Wee

Client's Child


It was my second time engaging i-Kare and both times I were very thankful for their efficiency and professionalism. Both times different requirements and they did not disappoint. The staff were very kind, attentive and patient. They would go beyond their responsibilities and ensure the care provided was of quality. A thank you to Diana and team. Your company will be highly recommended to my circle of friends!

Kin Kin


iKare Dementia Therapy

Conducted by certified therapist


per One Hour Session